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Here is info about Carly Corinthos, the character that Tamara played on General Hospital

Carly came to town in 1996 (then played by Sarah Brown) to track down her birth mother, Bobbie.  Carly was pretty screwed-up.  She had a loving mother in Florida where she grew up, but growing up without a father and finding out she was adopted left her with scars and an empty emotional void.  It didn't help that her best friend, Carly, died in a car accident and she blamed herself for that.  Born Caroline Benson, Carly decided to take her friend's name, Carly Roberts, and head to Port Charles.

We didn't know all of this about Carly when she first arrived, however.  We knew she was up to something, but we didn't know what.  She got a job at General Hospital and seemed to be studying to be a nurse, which put her close to her mother, Bobbie.  The two did not get along well and Carly seemed to be a lazy whiner.

We soon found out that Carly was pretty good at two things: lying and messing up her own life.  First, Carly decided to seduce her step-father, Tony Jones (Bobbie's husband).  Tony and Bobbie were having marital problems, due in part to their child B.J.'s death. They still didn't know that Carly was Bobbie's daughter.  Tony was having a mid-life crisis, so he fell for Carly.  The two were engaged to marry and moved in together.  Tony even wrote a song for her and played it on his guitar.  But Carly had other plans...

After spilling the beans to Bobbie about being her daughter and then rubbing her nose in the fact that she had stolen her husband, Carly kept treating Bobbie like dirt and refusing to have anything to do with her.  She and her new uncle Luke did not get along well, either.

One night while drunk, and angry at Tony, Carly went to the pool hall, Jake's, and slept with a total stranger, A.J. Quartermaine.  A.J. didn't even remember their night together because he was so drunk himself.  Later, she also slept with another handsome stranger, Jason Morgan (A.J.'s brother).  Thus, Carly got pregnant and wasn't sure which of the three men was the father!

Carly soon learned that she couldn't stand A.J. and that she was through with Tony, so she wanted the baby to be Jason's.  She found out it was A.J.'s and knew that if he found that out, he would try to take the baby from her (since he comes from the wealthy and powerful Quartermaine family).  So she switched some paternity tests to make it seem like it was Jason's baby.  Tony was devastated to find out that it wasn't his.  A.J. was completely clueless to the whole thing because of her lying about the blood type.

Jason found out the truth but had sworn not to break Carly's confidence.  He knew that A.J. was not a fit parent, anyway, and that the Quartermaines would try to take the child.  Carly kept trying to get Jason to love her, but his heart was already taken by Robin.  Eventually, Robin found out the truth and told A.J. that little Michael was his.

In the meantime, impending motherhood seemed to soften Carly, so she made up with Bobbie.  Unfortunately, her adopted mother Virginia died about the same time while visiting Port Charles.  After Carly had her baby, she was struck by post-partum depression and refused to touch her baby.  She then fled town, leaving the baby in Jason's care.

Then, after Carly returned, a long custody battle with A.J. ensued. At one point, Carly came up with the plan to marry A.J. in order to get custody, or his money, or something like that...the story kept changing.  Jason was in on the plan but kept telling her it was a bad idea, like most of her plans.  She and A.J. did marry, and for a time they actually seemed like they might be in love, but things did not work out, due to both of them being so self-destructive.

When Sonny returned to Port Charles after an absence, he and Carly did not get along at all.  Sonny values honest above all else, and Carly was a manipulative liar.  They were constantly forced into each other's company because of their mutual friendship for Jason.  At one point, they had a huge fight and the passion of the fight ended up in a different kind of passion.  They instantly regretted their impulsive display.  Jason and Carly had been working on having a real relationship at that point, so it was a betrayal to him.  Jason left town, upset with them both.  Carly got pregnant after her one-night-stand; and she and Sonny slowly seemed to get along better.  She went to confront A.J. at one point, and they got into an argument at the top of the stairs.  A.J. was drunk and she was baiting him.  They were both pushing each other's buttons.  He went to grab her and she fell backwards, down the stairs.  She lost Sonny's baby.

At one point she also shot Tony Jones, almost shot A.J., and was in a mental ward.

Tamara took over the role around this time, in 2001.  After that, she and Sonny had a lot of grieving to go through, but it seemed to bring them closer together.  It took them a long, long time before they admitted they loved each other.  They only got married so that she couldn't testify against him in court, but at that point they already loved each other (even though they couldn't admit it).  Eventually, they admitted their feelings.

In the meantime, Sonny kidnapped A.J. and made him sign a paper that gave Carly full custody of Michael.  He then adopted Michael as his own son. 

The couple have had a rocky road.  Carly kept trying to get pregnant and tried not to lie to Sonny.  She and Sonny kept arguing and fighting.  She got scared by Sonny's dangerous lifestyle, so she came up with a stupid idea to force him to give information to the FBI so that they would have to go into the witness protection program (it didn't make much sense then, either).  To Sonny this was the ultimate betrayal, especially after what happened with Brenda, his former fiancée, who had done almost the same thing.  They separated for a long time and came very close to divorce.  Sonny grew closer to his attorney, Alexis, and Carly grew to be good friends with Zander and also Jax, who backed her new nightclub.  Sonny even had a one-night-stand with Alexis, which Carly inadvertently walked in on.  She was upset and ended up sending her car over a cliff.  They thought she was dead, so she let them think that for a few days, to punish Sonny.

Carly and Sonny remarried, and she has his son, Morgan. Sonny's brother went crazy and kidnapped her for a while.   Brenda's return threatened Carly.  Alacazar also kidnapped her. When Carly was about to give birth, Sonny shot at Alcazar but hit her in the head instead. She survived, as did Morgan. Carly was in a coma for a while and then found her real father, John Durant, who hated Sonny and eventually died in a shoot-out. She also dated Alcazar for awhile. When Carly kept the paternity of Alexis' daughter a secret from him, he divorced her. Then Tamara left the show in 2005. She was briefly replaced by Jennifer Bransford, who was a good "crazy Carly," but lacked Tamara's vulnerability, likability and emotional depth.

Carly was put into a mental institution. She fell in love with Jax, and they were married and divorced. They had a daughter, Jocelyn. She and Sonny have been on-again and off-again for years. She was briefly involved with Franco, when she thought he'd reformed, and she felt sorry for him.  He almost killed her. She and Sonny are back together as of this writing, but for how long?

Carly is very insecure and probably always will be, so things may cause her to freak out and so something stupid again.  However, Carly has grown a lot since she came to town.  While she still has these impulses to lie and cause pain for herself and others, she generally ignores them now.  She has learned from her mistakes.  But what keeps her interesting is that we know she has that little voice in her head that wants to go back to being the bad old Carly.

Tamara Braun brought a lot of humor to the character of Carly, especially when she was cuddling up to Sonny or mouthing off to one of the people she dislikes.  She showed that Carly has guts and passion, no matter what else her failings may be.

In 2014, Tamara returned briefly to the role of Carly, along with Sarah Brown, to celebrate GH's 51st anniversary. Each of them appeared in flashbacks and in a dream-like way to Sonny as he reflected on his life with Carly.

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